About us. Diversity is our richness

We are a list of French and Franco-German residents in Frankfurt, representative of our compatriots in this city. Our candidates show a wide diversity in terms of age, family or professional profile, experience and length of stay in Germany and we are also distributed in a balanced way throughout the city's districts. Our list is composed according to the gender parity principles in usage in France.

... whether you are a French citizen, a member of a French-speaking community or simply a Francophile and sensitive to the ideals that France has stood for and continues to stand for,

... whether you have a political commitment which wants to express loyalty to your homeland or whether you wish to encourage a French presence in the city's political bodies

... if you support our ideas, our program and our approach of community support.

On March 14, 2021… your vote for Français de Hesse.

Participation. Respond to the call for Teilhabe

Foreigners' councils are a door opened by German institutions to invite foreign citizens to participate in public life. We are there for you! Our local attachment to Hesse motivates a commitment to integration in German political institutions. As a list constituted by but not only for French people, we want to be the voice of the specific demands of the French community, but also claim to represent all of the city's 200,000 foreigners, especially those of the European Union that are deeply underrepresented in the current bodies. Our longer-term goal is to motivate and support foreign citizens throughout Hesse to follow our example, to become interested and involved socially and politically, and to participate in their local institutions.

Europe. A French & European mindset

Our list is not representing any political party. Open and varied, it brings together people from different political backgrounds, excluding extremes. Our common bond is the recognition in the culture and the universalist and tolerant values of the French Republic. Although some of us have been living in Hesse for a very long time, we hold on to this French heritage. We also stand for a clear and frank support of the principle of Franco-German friendship and European unity.

Integration. Act for a both-way interaction

Refusing the principle of communitarianism we want to encourage interactions in both directions By encouraging the learning of the German culture within foreign communities, through linguistic, informative and/or concrete cultural support for migrants, administrative assistance, legal proposals (training equivalencies). Promoting foreign cultures within the German community matters too: national or thematic festivals (French-speaking world, music festivals, 'Herausragende Persönlichkeiten' initiative) as well as language teaching. We are convinced that mutual understanding is also achieved through professional ties, promotion and support of economic and settlement initiatives by local leaders.

How to vote?.

First of all, you can ask to vote per mail (post) through this link

We had 2 Zoom sessions and if you missed them, here are the videos :)

First video: before the vote

Second video: filling in your ballot paper

Third video: counting the vote